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I fell into this business by accident. It wasn’t something I ever aspired to be: an actress. It just happened. It has evolved into an insane passion…a creative outlet. But nothing more. It’s my hobby… one of the ways I express myself as an artist. And the day it becomes a job… a career… I will quit.

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i dont get why teachers say we cant listen to music with our headphones bc it will distract us while doing the work like bitch if i can suck a dick, do my hair, file my nails, and check my myspace all at the same time i sure as hell can listen to music while doing school work

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ellen degeneres can host my funeral

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I will survive

I’m gonna make it through

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'The Spectacular Now' Press Conference

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it’s a metaphor

The best part is that the crab is the symbol for the zodiac sign Cancer, so in a way even the crab itself is a metaphor

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let’s be real here if icarly were an actual webshow they would get bullied so badly

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Shailene Woodley for Natural Health

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I’ll never get tired of bad lip reading. I’m still wondering how their mouths are forming these words.

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